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Hi! I’m Jason.

I’m the founder and co-owner of Southbay Sk8kids. Our school was established in 2015 with the mission to spread my love of skateboarding to the next generation! With over 300 students in our growing community nothing satisfies me more than passing on this lifelong skill. I look forward to meeting you!

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Hi! I’m Adele

I’m the co-owner of Southbay Sk8kids and Director of Business Development. Believe it or not I started skating Fall of 2018. I love tackling new pursuits and skateboarding is a perfect fit! My daughter skates too and inspires me to live my life to the fullest. My favorite food is the avocado.


Hi! I'm Jesus.

I’m the Manager of our Lawndale School as well as a Coach. I’ve been skating off and on since I was 12. My main focus early on was street skating but much later I began to love skating a mix of both street and vert. The most rewarding thing being a skate coach is seeing this new generation take interest in something they’ve never done before and develop their skills before my eyes.

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Hi! I’m Chance.

I started skating at 10. It was always around me and I grew up seeing it. When I came to California for the summer to visit family (I still lived on the east coast) I saw skateboarding even more and that’s what really pushed me to finally try it. My favorite trick is fakie frontside 180, and I love to teach my students how to grind on curbs and ledges. My favorite food would be Chinese food.

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Hi! I’m Shawn.

I started skating when I was around six years old with my Dad. Skateboarders that influence me for my neighbors like Mike Smith, and Eric Dresden. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite trick is any type Judo..

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