Where do I park?

We recommend arriving early to find street or residential parking. The parking lot may only be used for the occasional drop off.

Can I park in the parking lot?

No. Unfortunately, the parking lot cannot be used for our facility as it is for the restaurant next door.  

What do I need to bring?

Nothing. We have all necessary equipment, but feel free to bring your own!

How do I go about rescheduling or cancelling an appointment?

We require a 24 hour notice for either a cancelation or rescheduling. Please email or call within this time frame to avoid losing your lesson. Reference our policy page.

 Can my kids take an intro together?

No, the intro lesson is a private 1 on 1 skate evaluation. Feel free to inquire about lessons together after their individual intros. 

If I'm not a beginner do I still have to take an intro class?

Yes, intro classes are a necessary evaluation our coaches need to proceed with lessons. We do not do individual private lessons. 

What ages do you teach?

We teach from the ages of 2 to 72!

I'm an adult, can I take lesson?

Yes absolutely! Southbay Sk8kids is not just for kids.

Is open skate everyday?

No, open skate is currently only on Sundays from 2:30pm-4:30pm.